Al Mahad DELL’s first Elocution Competition to hone the oratory skills of students

Al Mahad, Hyderabad, 26 September:

The final Round of the first Elocution Competition of DELL, Al Mahad, Hyd, was held on Thursday, 22 September where selected seven contestants delivered speeches in English. DELL (Diploma in English Language and Literature) is one of the most active departments of Al Mahad Ul Ali Al Islami Hyderabad that aims to impart graduates of Madaris quality English language and just in the course of two years, it attains the standard of intermediate.

The program was presided by Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, the Rector, Al Mahad Ul Ali Al Islami Hyd.“We should not hesitate to acknowledge the fact that the credit for all the achievements DELL students seek, goes back to the farsighted personality Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Qasmi who had apprehended the upcoming alarming situation much before and introduced the DELL course,” he spoke in his presidential speech. He went on telling a story of its earlier days, “long ago, I was invited for Dars-e Bukhari at Hojai, Asam, in a meeting Maulana Badruddin Qasmi said: ‘do you remember the time when I had made you a call a couple of years before? I replied, yes, I do. He kept on, ‘that time I had communicated with almost all the leading Islamic scholars about the establishment of DELL course, except you and a very small number of Ulama, all opposed it strongly as if I was intending to commit sin or going astray, being disappointed I decided to terminate the project, so I met Maulana Asad Madani (RH), his decisive words charged my up, he said: ‘If you wish to execute it in the interest of Muslim Ummah, carry it out and don’t look back nor be afraid of the criticism, and, Al Hamdolillah, I did it”. The president further said, ‘the scenario of the Indian Muslims would have been quite deferent if those of madaris had added the subjects in their syllabus 20 years back what they are intending now to introduce.” Dr. Mufti Mohd Azam Nadvi, one of the qualified Judges of the program and a lecturer of Al Mahad, shed light on the values of speech and willpower of a speaker, he said, ‘only using vibrant words, piling up precise data, collecting vigorous material and high volume of voice is not enough to make you an influential speaker, you need to procure even more than this, you need strong will power, high volume of inner spirit and also to cultivate yourself a mesmerizing personality”. Mufti Shahid Ali Qasmi, the principle of Al Mahad said: “a good speaker is one who has potential to influence the audience and prevail over them to such an extent that they can’t leave him midway”.

Maulana Nazir Anwar Qasmi, the HoD of DELL, announced the result and pointed out the challenges the department counters to make the students eligible to perform on the stage, especially, against 1st-year students who have spent hardly three months. First Prize was snatched by Md Tauseef, 2nd went to Mohd Faizan while the 3rd was awarded to Mohd Zubair. Maulana Mohd Aznar Qasmi run the program skillfully and Maulana Mohd Arshad Qasmi, the teacher of DELL, contributed his best to make it successful.

The program was started with the recitation the of Holy Qur’an by Mohd Ahmad, Sayem sounded Naat-e Pak in the glory of the beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH). All the teaching faculties, especially, Maulana Ashraf Ali Qasmi, and Maulana Naushad Akhtar Nadvi attended it and it met its end successfully with the supplication of the president.

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