Chandigarh University MMS Leaked Incident

Undelivered justice causes the repetition of crimes

By: Taha Jaunpuri

It is of curse extremely outrageous that as per the reports a fellow girl recorded secretly her female friend’s bath-taking video which she was sending to her friend (maybe a boyfriend) in Shimla. That friend has now made this video viral. Even some reports say that she has recorded videos of 60 + MBA friends.

In a video, shared widely on social media, the culprit girl is seen stating that she has done this under the pressure of someone, and she goes on to prove this by showing an image of that person.

It is yet to be investigated why that girl committed this blunder mistake and who is behind this heinous crime and hopefully that will be ascertained and exposed later by the concerned authorities, but what caused to do this, is the undelivered justice to the molesters, sexual harassers, and perpetrators. There are stories in which these culprits got shelter from politicians and goons.

However, it is crystal clear like sunshine that when the perpetrators, criminals are given relief and set free from the rope of punishment, they muster up their courage, and repeat crimes even more. Because they have experienced how to deal with the concerned system.

Therefore, the key solution to protect the chastity of girls, and save their modesty, is to give capital punishment to the criminals. But looking at the system it sounds like it will not happen easily. But let’s wait and hope for the best.


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