Sophie Petronin to Maryam A Journey

Dr. Muhammad Raziul Islam Nadvi
Translated by: Muhammad Ziauddin

The airport of France was quite different that day because President Macron ,with high rank officers, was present there to welcome an old lady citizen. She was French and was made hostage along with five Italian persons four years back by a group of “Mali”, a nation in Western Africa. This group is considered as Extremist, terrorist, fundamentalist and “Jihadi”

To welcome this lady, Sophie Petronin, Macron was there, Who has declared a war against Islam in his country, called “Hijab”as symbol of terrorism and imposed ban on it and declared openly to root out “Islam” from France. Though this,75 years old lady is French, but she was serving orphans in Mali.
When she came out of plane and faced media persons and heads of her nation these words were heard by them:
“You called me by the name Sophie, but now I am Maryam.
This was not mere a sentence, but an “Atom bomb” which blow all the plans, policies and conspiracies of Macron against Islam. By uttering this sentence, the old and weak lady smashed a powerful slap to president of France and he will remember it’s ace till the last moment of his life.
Whatever the old lady told, astonished the media of France and the world. All she said was unexpected and astonishing. She told them that she was behaved nicely during the four years hostage period. She termed this period as “Spiritual retreat”. She further said that ,we all, face trials in our life. If we accept them it does not pain us much, but if we resist then we ruin ourselves. She wants to go to Mali again to serve the people again. She associated this with Islam and it was painful to media persons and rulers of France. She prayed for the people of Mali.

It is not for the first time that a hostage embraced the religion of the persons who made them hostage impressed by their nice behavior. Specially in context of Islam many such incidents happened. In initial years of this century the incidence of Yvonne Ridley got the attention of many. When she was as hostage in the hands of “Taliban”, who were termed by the world as barbarian, but she was so impressed by their behavior that she decided to study Islam and finally she embraced Islam.

On the other hand we observe the behavior of civilised rulers, under their custody, a captive, Aafia Siddiqui, is being tortured. She is just as if a living dead body.
Where are the civilised people raising voice for humans?
Where are the people who call Taliban and people fighting for their rights as barbarians?
They should introspect themselves.


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