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BY:Mohammed Nadeemuddin Qasmi.
In material terms, the world has made a lot of progress and has grown beyond the imagination of scientific inventions, industrial revolutions and technology.But despite of all these the whole world is worried day by day, Earthquakes and Hurricanes  outbreaks continuously,That the developed countries are also worried and look helpless. Even that ,this current pestilence (Corona virus) destroyed the sources of the disaster.Each and every country was suffering from economic crisis.
 What is the reason behind this situation?
 The apparent causes of all these are only some, But the evidence of the hadeeth makes it clear that the descent of collective punishment and disasters by God on any country or society is the result of five sins: (1) Interest (2) Adultery and fornication. (3) Decrease in measurements(4)Criminal negligence in paying zakat,(5)Disobedience to the commands of Allah’s Messenger.
1) Interest         Man has become greedy of wealth and he is not worried about halal and haram,As Allah Almighty said “And if they do not refuse to take interest, then you are ready to fight Allah and His Messenger(sorah baqarah).  In a hadith, he said: Hazrat Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (RA) said : when adultery and interest spread in a town, Allaah allows the inhabitants to be killed.(kitab u kabair 69)In another hadith,heﷺ said: The Collecter  and holder of interest is equal to zina from your mother. (Mustadrak hakim).
2) Obscenity and nudity:modesty is part of faith.Imran ibn Hussein reported: The Messenger of Allah,( peace and blessings be upon him,) said:الْحَيَاءُ لَا يَأْتِي إِلَّا بِخَيْرModesty does not bring anything but goodness.(Source: Sahih Bukhari 5766)But obsenity and nudity are the cause of Allah’s wrath.But today, every house has become a base for shame,Women became adornments and part of markets, parks and clubs, rather than homes,They do not like Islamic dressing but they like Western clothing. therefor day-by-day rape cases are increasing and Men began to have illicit relations with women on WhatsApp and Facebook,They spend the day and night watching black movies.Mobile damaged children’s minds.In a hadith, Mohammed(ﷺ) said:God sends plague and pestilence into a nation When obscenity spreads among them(Thirmizi).
3) Decrease in measurementsthe decline in measurements is also the cause of God’s displeasure,The Shoaibؑ’s nation was destroyed because of this sin. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “When a nation decreases in measurment, so they are punished by famine, hardship in employment and oppression of king” (Sunn Ibn Maj. 4019).and The rich not to pay the rights of the poor and the neighbors, and disobeying children to the parents these are equal to decrease in measurement.
4) NOT TO PAY ZAKAHIt is obligatory to pay zakat from the wealth of Allah on wealthy people and also the right of poor.Those who do not pay zakat in their wealth , they will have the punishment on the Day of Resurrection and in the world ,they will suffer the punishment of Allah. The Holy Prophet said:”And when a nation does not pay zakat of its wealth, the rain is stopped and if there is no cattle, it will never rain on them.”
5) Violations of the Commandments of Allah and the Messenger:In one hadith, heﷺ said : when a nation breaks the covenant of Allah and His Messenger, then Allah imposes on those who hate them, then they take away wealth of that nation.(ibne majah).
Today, we see that Muslims are upset, their blood has become cheaper than animals, the mountains of oppression are being broken on them, conspiracies are being created to discredit and to get out of the country.
What are the reasons behind it?
All these because we disobeyed the commands of Allah and the Messenger.Therefore, if we involve in these sins, we should repent and ask for forgiveness from Allah. Allah give us taofiq .Aameen!ReplyForward

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