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The Agitation Against CAA NRC and NPR Enters 3rd Phase

The Agitation Against CAA, NRC and NPR Enters into 3rd Phase

The nationwide agitation against #CAA_NRC_NPR in India is slowly entering into the 3rd phase now. The brave and peaceful protesters – men and women #Against_CAA_NRC_NPR and all secular democratic forces of India who are on the streets to #SaveConstitution and #SaveIndia should keep it in minds, as this humble author has stated earlier in one of the write ups nearly two months ago, that this 3rd phase may be tougher and more bloody one among the 5 phases of the ongoing #Anti_CAA_Agitation.

The first two phases – (1) Govt. would deliberately ignore the protest and (2) the Govt. machinery including media would abuse, defame and communalize the protest, have been successfully faced by the #IndiaAgainstCAA movement and passed by now. Thanks to India’s collective wisdom, enormous patience and extraordinary courage of young men and women both on streets and while talking to media which failed all plots of anti-national elements with grace and democratic spirit, with unity and intellectual strength.

Now the very hard, rough and extremely challenging 3rd phase of the agitation is about to begin. This is where your real love and respect for secular democratic values and your care and longing for your country- India will face severe tests in each corners of the streets, in each sentence you speak, in both physical and emotional ways.

This stage is going to be longer than previous two phases, even may be more prolong than them, and this will be the actual body of the whole agitation altogether.

However, this is here, you will have to win it by your Gandhian ideals of non-violence satyagraha and Ambedkarian principles of constitutional means only. Here you cannot commit repeated mistakes. Stones, lathis, gun bullets and all lethal weapons, even regular arm forces and police brutality might be mercilessly used against you to simply shut your mouths and silent your democratic slogans; and push you further to the walls as citizens of this great country- India.

Mind it please, your weapon is only Jhanda against danda and dialogue against all inhuman brutalities. India is your country and you cannot lose it in the hands of mischievous riot mongers even at the cost of your most valuable life.

This principle will bring ultimate spring for all and lead India to win back its secular democratic constitutional credentials one day – sooner or later, by the end of the 5th phase of the present agitation only.

Jamia #AMU #JNU and the nationwide #StudentsOfIndia #ProtestAgainstCAA_NRC_NPR have been the head of this #Anti_CAA_ Agitation, however, #ShaheenBaghProtest along with her all sisters across India will remain the face of it. In the upcoming days, the situation might gradually change and the #BJP4India led states and Central Govts. may use excessive force against the women sit-ins to demonstrate their muscle power and bring back their goons and lynching men on streets.

Thus, more number in the flanks of the protesters is the need of the hour. All major political, social, educational and religious organizations which really believe in the secular and democratic values of India should throw their full weight now in the protest against CAA, NRC and NPR. It is now or never like situation. Either take back your idea of India from the gallows of destruction or wait and watch to be swallowed by the winds of hate and mayhem.

I think we Indians have come out on streets, not to return home, without taking our loved India back as it had been for us in the previous 70 years. We have already resolved that we will force the Govt. to scrap the #CAA completely and stop the #NPR immediately. We will do it democratically by peaceful means only, what may come or how long it may take. We are
going to stay on streets during all the five phases of the protest agitation against the #CAA_NRC_NPR. We had already faced the two phases brave-heartedly, we will face the remaining three too with same spirit and zeal, make no mistake.

However, we feel sorry for all the valuable human lives lost in the agitation from #Assam to #UttarPradesh to #Karnataka and #Delhi including the #DelhiPolice jawan and offer our deepest condolences to their dear and near ones.

Modi_Shah Central Govt. could stop this huge loss of lives, properties and India’s dignity much before by simply repealing this draconian new Citizenship Amendment Act 2019. #CAAIsAnti_Constitutional as well as #CAAIsAnti_India therefore, #IndiaDoesNotSupportCAA and #IndiaAgainstCAA_NPR_NRC.

Nevertheless, we hope the arrogant leaders who have fevicolled themselves with Delhi’s throne should avail common sense soon and help India come back to its real path of economic and educational development, where our youths find jobs and farmers find enough meals to eat and live.

CAA_NRC_NPR is as bad as the #Demonetisation and #GST_Tamasha were, but #CAA takes the idea of India away from India. Therefore, we Indians are not ready to lose our India to anybody, how mightier he might be, and are ready to face all mights and powers. Take back #CAA and help yourself, help us and help India please – – Dear Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

MB Qasmi, the author is Chief editor of Eastern Crescent magazine.

25 February 2020

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