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CAA, NPR Protest in East Delhi’s Khureji RSS Members Try to Create Violence

By: Taha Jaunpuri

Since the BJP led government has passed Citizenship Amendment Act, the whole country is on fire. The people were protesting peacefully in Delhi’s Khureji, but last night around 03:20 AM indian Standard Time RSS members tried to create violence.

a lady could be heard saying the police came and trapped us in talk, and some people tore our camps. Police was saying that we are taking care but from the behind some people were creating violence and they were the members of the RSS. She said in that video that police disconnected the electricity and attempted to communicate so that we could be trapped in talk and the violence could be fanned.

As per one of the peaceful protester, we are sitting here to meet our demand end. but they are not paying attention so we are also planned to continue till the act is taken back.

A video is shared on Facebook, in which a person is saying that this is not Delhi Police, rather they were they RSS people.

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