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Students Need to Have a Clear Vision for Their Bright Future

By: Siddiq Ahmad

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Now days, we often see that the students in schools, don’t get the success in their respective fields.What is the basic reason for that? I discussed with most of the students who are studying in schools, after meeting with them personally, I came to the point that, they are confused, and they blank minded about their goal. Only few students are there, who have focused on their objective and working hard to get their aim.Students, who don’t know their goal, must try to understand their motives and what they want in their lives. After setting a goad, they should work hard to gain it. The students also need to be honest and punctual to their studies.It is truth that, mobile is the killer of time and mind, most of the students having mobile after 8th grade, are killing their time, 
Instead of using it to get help in their study, they misuse it; they use it for their entertainment on Face book, integral and many other social media apps.  They spend their whole night on social media, and when they get up in morning, they don’t feel freshness; hence, they are not able to concentrate on their study. The responsibility also lies on the parents; they have to be careful and they should keep their keen eyes on their children what their children are doing with mobile? If a student knows his goal and the way how to achieve, he can be a success; if not, then he is wasting his time and making his parent fool.Dear friend! First of all, set a time for every thing. And set a work for every time.Note in your mind, the teacher’s respect is necessary for all students.Please remember your lesson after Maghrib salah. and after or before Fajar salah. Because, the time is very important four each and every one. Don’t waste your energy in unnecessary activity.If you want to be Success, you must apply three principles:(1)Self-confidence.(2)Creativity.(3)Characters.(4)Contribution.My dear! You can be success, but you will have to work hard. Keep it in your mind; everything is Possible in this world. Try to make effort time and again. The success will kiss your feet.


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