Goodbye #2019 We are unhappy


By Taha Jaunpuri

Each part of body with pain very much crying,

The heart is broken, as country jeopardizing,

The miscreants are plotting, therefore lobbying,

To Divide and Rule, Oh, will this be implying.

NRC ousted in Assam, a huge number of citizens,

The brothers are weeping, sitting totally frozen,

Sisters shedding tears, as they were not chosen.

No doubt about this, it is obvious and brazen.

CAA was enacted, causing nationwide protest,

People became angry, started burning, Northeast,

The cities were and are on fire, even the area remotest.

The world is witnessing, this is not a mere pretext.

2019 is gone, the nation is adversely disturbed,

Citizenship is at risk? Each citizen is concerned,

Relief is off, the contentment is totally burned.

Goodbye 2019, we are unhappy, unless CAA revoked.

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