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Mumbai religious and NGOs Heads meet Sharad Pawar CAB is plot against minority says NCP President

Taha Jaunpuri

Today on 8th of December 2019 the Religious leaders and NGOs heads of Mumbai, met the NCP President regarding the draconian Bill of Citizenship Amendment Bill. The delegation informed the NCP President that the this violates the spirit of the Constitution of India and this will ruin the country and its citizens. This Bill is purely a discrimination on the base of the religion, which should not be at any cost.

The delegation also added that if this Bill is passed, this will be harmful for the National Security and will this will be a tactic to deprive the Muslim Community of Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

Assuring the delegation the NCP President said that we are going to hold a meeting in Delhi and will talk in this regard and will try to stop from being passed. He further said that this is only a plot against minority.

The Delegation was comprising of Ml Mahmood Daryabadi, C.G All India Ulema Council, Mr Farid Shaikh the president Mumbai Aman Committee, Saleem Motorwala Managing Trustee BEST, Ml Atiqurrahman Qasmi Markazul MAaarif Mumbai, Ml Ijaz Kashmiri Imam Handiwaali Masjid, Ml Anees Ashrafi Raza Foundation, Ml Aziz Haider Shia Isna Ahsari Jamat, Ml Manzar Salafi Jamat Ahle Hadis, Ml Taha Jaunpuri Imam Mimber Deoband Alumni Federation, Dr Aasif Shaikh Ex Minister of state status and leader of opposition MBMC and Suhel Khalil Subedar Chairman Mumbai Regional Congress Party Minorities Department.

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