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After #MuslimKaSampurnBahiskr Now #Jaibhim Jaigobar

By Staff Reporter

The social media has been an arm for the troll army. Today on 3rd of October it was trending in India with the hashtag #जयभीम-जय गोबर against the SC, ST and OBC brothers. Actually Jai Bhim is a greeting used by followers of Ambedkarism. Jai Bhim literally means “Victory to Bhim” . So when the word ” Gober” is added which means ” Dung “, so this is an insult for the followers of Ambedkarism. But it does not mean any thing for the troll army and they do on twitter to push back them.

Some Days before, there was a trend by the troll army on twitter to banish Muslims from their mother land asking people to boycott them completely. The Netizens are too much disturbed by this kind of mindset against their own countrymen. As a twitter handler posted that it is a nonsense trending, This stupid is trending in India. Is this a secular India?

Some Social Activists are demanding that there should be strict law to stop this and to punish the perpetrators. The #Twitter Managing team should take it seriously and step up accordingly” they Demanded this too.

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