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AIUDF MLA Thanks party workers Blames BJP

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Speaking with Basserat online newly elected MAL in by-election from Jania, a village of Barpeta District Assam, India, Dr Hafiz Rafeeequl Islam Qasmi thanked the Party Chief MP Mulana Badruddin AJmal Qasmi, party workers and everyone. :” i have only 18 monthes in hand and there are a lot of isseues in my constituency, i will perform my best to solve them” he stated.

In a question: what is your viewpoint about NRC? He replied: we support it and we are of the opinion that the final draft is good and those who are staying here before 1971 should be given the citizenship as per the law”. He blamed the State Government BJP that the NRC Coordinator Parteek Hajela was threatened to death, but the government did not take any action for his safety. He added that he worked for NRC indiscriminately and struggled a lot.

On this pleasing moment, remembering his well wishers he said that i am indebted to my teachers, friends and juniors too who prayed for me. He especially named Ml Burahnuddin Qasmi Mumbai, Mufti Obaidullah Delhi and Ml Afzal UK, and said i will be with them always.

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