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Twitter buzzed with #WaitForSC

By: Taha Jaunpuri

As the Supreme Court stops politically sensitive 40 day long hearing of Babri Masjid land case, the twitter was buzzed with the Hashtag #WaitForSC by true patriotic Indians. The much vast social platform Twitter witnessed today due respect to the Indian Apex Court as many of them appealed the nation to wait for the judgement of Supreme Court. @hudaqasmi tweets: “Humans are governed by law, animals r governed by muscle”,. A Tweeter handler tweets: ” Rejecting Supreme Court’s decision is rejecting the nation”.

The SC has reserved its judgement and is expected to deliver before 17 of November 2019. In this very long hearing there were hot argument from the representatives of all claimants. Sources say that the Muslim side is very strong as they did talk on facts not on AASTHA. While some of the other claimants banked on AASTHA.

The country is now to see and welcome whether it goes in favour of Muslims or Nirmohi Akhada or Hindu Mahasabha. Eyes are open and furs are stand. This will be a historic verdict in this whole century. therefore Tweeterians say: let’s wait and see what is going to be done”.

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