Prevention is all

By: Taha Jaunpuri
[email protected]

Health is Blessing, greater than wealth,
People always crave, to get on the earth,
Protect thy nerves, by medic sheath,
Care it a lot, else thou have taste of death.

Infection is toxic, destroys the lives,
Spreads rapidly, into body dives,
Affects the people, hastily arrives,
Kills by its poison, so no one survives.

Prevention is all, please believe in word,
Send this message, across the world,
Do it now, considering it an accord,
Speak it much, unless it is like Buzzword.

Doctors are struggling to save you men.

Saving lives, day and night, under their ken,
Working sincerely with affection and yen,
Creating awareness by words and pen.

May infection end, people live safely,
May life go, enjoying and happily,
Taha prays for all, humbly and sincerely,
Almighty bless them all, soon and rapidly.

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