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Respected Guru Nanak and Islam (Episode 1)

    Author:Mufti Muhammad Ashraf Qasmi

  • پھر اٹھی آخر صدا توحید کی پنجاب سےہند کو اک مردِ کامل نے جگایا خواب سے        (علامہ محمد اقبالؒ)
    Finally call of Tawheed (oneness Of God) rose from Punjab again!A perfect man awakened India from its dream.
     *Respected Guru Nanak, The True Guide of the Sikhs*
           The building of a religion is based on the ideas and beliefs of its founder. Instead of introducing Sikh Community separately, the ideas of the Founder of Sikhism, Respected Grunanak, are being mentioned in the following lines. It could be guessed through this, that Guru Nanak’s views are in fact Islamic ideas and the root and base of Sikhs is Islam.

        Gurunanak’s birth took place on April 15, 1469 C.E, in Talwandi, a village about 40 miles south-west of Lahore, now called Nanka Sahab. Father’s name was Mehta Kalu, they belonged to the bedi Khatri family. At an early age, he learned the sacred books of Sanskrit and Hinduism, then studied Arabic and Persian in the village mosque. He was having a religious affiliation from childhood, which increased day by day. He was benefited by famous Punjabi scholar Shaykh Isma’il-al-Bukhari, Babafreda, Ala-ul-Haq, Jalaluddin Bukha Rei, Makhdoom Jehaniyan and other pious personalities.
ازل سے فطرتِ احرار میں ہیں دوش بدوشقلندری و قبا پوشی و کلہ داری، 
زمانہ لے کے جسے آفتاب کرتا ہےان ہی کی خاک میں پوشیدہ ہے وہ چنگاری
        *Teaching of Respected Guru Nanak* 
 “Please let a Muslim speak with one word” 
        “It is necessary for every human being to make his actions according to the Sacred Words( Kalima Tayyiba), and he only, then is entitled to be called a true Muslim.”      (Guru Granth Math Shalok Mahal 1 p. 141)
      In another place guru Nanak says:
“There is no worry about dying nor any hope of livingتو سرب جیاں پر تپا لدا لیکے سَاس گراس    (Guru Granth Sahib Sri Rag Mahalla p. 20)
      “O My God! I have neither the worry of death nor the greed of life in my heart. O God! you are nurturing all the living beings. Only you will take account of the deeds of every person’s life.” (2) (Guru Granth Sahib Sar Siri Rag Mahalla 1 p. 20 /)
       Gurunanak has also composed poetry in Pharsi and Arabic like Punjabi. Below is a discussion on the beliefs of Tawheed (Oneness of God) and the Day of Judgment      یک عرض گفتم پیش تو در گوش کن کر تارحقا کبیر کریم تو بے عیب پَروَر دِگار
حقا کبیر کریم تو بے عیب پَرور دگارسم سرِموئے پدر عزرائیل گرفتہ دل ہیچ نہ دانی
زن پسر پدَر برادراں کس نیست دستگیرآخر بیفتم کس نہ دارد چوں شود کبیر (Guru Granth Sahab talanga mahalla 1 / P 726)
      “O Allah, I beg you to accept my prayers. You are truthful and are the biggest merciful. And the whole world is about to disappear, I have realized after a great deal of research that this world is about to end and the Angel of death Israel have caught my forehead, but I am careless about it, it means I have no worry , it is sure one day Israel will take away my life and soul from my body and skin. And these wives, children, parents, brothers, etc. are not going to hold my hand, I am sure that when I become lifeless, they will read the funeral prayer on me and bury me. At that time, there will be no one to save me from your torment, O Lord! become my helper. there is no support besides You”(Gurunanak and his Education and Invitation p. 92 / Molana Habibullah Chishti Qadri) (Different Nations and Islam p 43, 44).

 The author Muhammad Ashraf Qasmi is The Supervisor of Ifta Mahidpur City. District: Ujjain. (M.P.) [email protected]

Translated By: Mr M. Aamir (Ujjain)

Reviewed By: Mufti Taha Jaunpuri (Mumbai)

Edited by: M. Tausif Siddiqui

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