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Waman Meshram blames casteism

Report by: Staff Member

Today speaking with the Reporter of Baseerat Tv at Sharda Mangal Karyalay, Dadar East, beside Sharda Cinema, the president of BAMCEF ( the All India Bacward And Minority Communities Employees Federation ) Mr: Waman Meshram has blamed the casteism. ” SC. ST and OBC (Schedule Cast, Schedule Tribes and Other Backward Classes) are made the slaves of Brahamins” he added. He said that the the lower castes one are made terrified from Muslims in India. ” We are trying to create awareness among our communities in this regard” he further told.

He stated that the government is responsible of problems and difficulties faced by Kashmirees in Kashemeer, He informed that we have sent a letter to the Home Minister to allow a delegation of 101 members of us to visit Kashmir to know the conditions ans status of people. He also uttered that you can not force a person to be the citizen of your country through the guns. You have to get his opinion and consent.

The president of BANCEF affirmed that we will fight for justice. He told that the EVM must be replaced with ballot paper system or at least there must be manual counting with the slips.

The interview will be uploaded on Baseerat TV within next of two days.

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