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Muhammad Rashid Qasmi

Markazul Maarif Education and Research Center, Mumbai

A few days back a father has stabbed her daughter to death with a knife when she was receiving good wishes by touching his feet. He committed this hideous crime just because she got married to the guy she loved on her own. Similarly an event took place few days before in Vasai, Mumbai when a father set his 14-year-old daughter on fire merely because she very often used to watch videos or use Whatsapp. He prevented her time and again not to be engaged much in using them but she did not follow her father’s command. He got so angry that he burnt her to death by sprinkling coal oil. Likewise, a man with full of fury shot a child down only because he hit his dag by throwing a stone. The reason why I mentioned these horrible events is simply to draw the readers’ attention regarding these crimes that, today a small conflict in a flash turns into violence and bloodshed and even some times it results loss of life. The atmosphere affected by this violence has become common in every part of the country. These violent incidents in fact show how the people are becoming intolerant. Thus the irritation, negative thoughts and cold-blooded actions have badly affected the personal and social lives. The real reason for these differences even among close family members is lack of moral resilience and acceptance of others as they are. It shows the impulse to use raw power to silence the opposition within their own ranks. Such flashes of social violence has affected all– both be it elders or youngsters regardless of casts and religion. In many issues, the teen agers are found to be caught up in a world of their own and do not listen to their parents or elders. At times, it is also observed that, the children could have been sworn enemies of their friends, neighbors and families members. According to the report of the National Crime Record Bureau of 2016 1538 youngsters are increasingly affected by road rage. The reports tell that among them more or less 250 were twelve or sixteen years old. The reports reveal that, the behavior based on hatred and violence all around the globe had become a part of human nature. This tears down the family ties.. The personal relations are getting weaker and weaker day by day. The society needs to be protected by the fear and horror of such unnatural events. This fact has been disclosed in a University of Britannia that the constant efforts made by the people in their daily lives have decreased their power to tolerate things which go contrary to their expectations. It is then that they show their anger in ordinary matters. According to the research of Dr. Sendiman, the main reason of this dilemma is the new lifestyle. Earlier one had to work hard to gain something but today the situation has changed. Strike the button and your work will be carried out instantaneously. When this is the case definitely empty-minded people will show their ange when things do not go according to their wishes. In the events of the mob-lynching neither the transgressors nor does the oppressed people have personal enmity or relation with each other. These are the abrupt horrible result of their intolerance during arguments. The family members despite living in a house itself they become unaware of each other’s problems due to being involved in using mobile instead to spend their times with their own family members. People chat intimately with strangers while distances between close family members is increasing because the social glue is missing and they spend very little time in discussing each other’s problems. Some years before, people while travelling used to have a good conversation with others on various topics in bus, train, and on public places but now it is has reduced considerably. Disagreements among persons resulting in violence now have taken its place. This is not only a grievous matter but also not easy to control. Some steps taken by government or by police cannot stop it. Every individual of the society try his best to think about this matter as well as they should also give their utmost attention to encourage their wards to open up on their problems, whether at school, college or office. When people start talking about their problems, then Insha’Allah solutions will appear.

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