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10 Precautions Muslims May Take in India During Upcoming Eidul Adha



I feel in the upcoming Eidul Adha Muslims should remain extra careful. Therefore, I suggest the followings:
1. Better do not receive meat from unknown people and must not give to unknown ones at all, though, they appear in poor conditions.
2. Take care of cleanliness and do not throw unusable parts of animals in open. To be neat and hygiene is desired by Islam.
3. People living in societies or apartments in cities or even those living in villages must be careful about their neighbors, some may create unwanted issues out of small things.
4. Please do not shoot video or photo of animal sacrifices which is not required nor Islamically desired to post on social media.
5. While transporting meat from one place to other or from one home to another please cover or pack the meat well and better avoid sending children to collect or distribute the meat.
6. The poor people must not go to collect meat on anyone’s invitation by phone or other ways, if they personally do not know the place and the one inviting.
7. Please keep the purchase receipt for all sacrificial animals handy. Do not purchase an animal without paying required taxes and the receipt against it. Cooperate with police and local authorities in all circumstances.
8. Please be wise and celebrate your religion and religious duties with full commitment and courage. Being careful is wisdom and being fearful is cowardice.
9. Please remain cool and calm in hostile conditions, however, do not beg for mercy from ones who do not know the meaning of being human. Instead take swift and decisive action when necessary with full force and of course being within legal limits.
10. We Muslims are here in this world to better our hereafter. Our Qurbani of animals and all worships are but to please Allah alone and to show none in this world. We do care about all creatures of Allah, including animals, as He asked us to do, and fear none except Allah – the almighty.
Wassalam and best regards!


1 August 2019

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