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New Zealand : It is not a gun shooting, rather a Terror Attack

By: Taha Jaunpuri

         It was painful and heart breaking news on Friday 15 March 2019, to hear that a man identified as “Brenton Harrison Tarrant” hailing from “ Australia ” has killed 49 Believers worshipping inside the two mosques in the “ New Zealand ” city of “Christchurch”.

          After this horrific and dastardly attack, the so-called seculars, media, liberals, and intellectuals void of wit and wisdom, are putting all-out attempt to term it as a gun shooting. They are justifying and underestimating this terror attack.

          Some others are trying to air that this terrorist was mentally unstable. How this could be believed? While he knew that the Msajids (mosques) are of Muslims. He learnt how to use sophisticated arms and weapons to put down Muslims. He was well aware of going live; therefore, he did this massacre live streaming on Facebook. He chose the timing of prayers when worshipers get together.

          Could we term it only as gun shooting? Never ever, it is only a terror attack. It was plotted to target Muslims in this peaceful land. This plan was pre sketched out to blow Muslims away. It was an organized terror attack as it could be understood easily.

          To what extent will you befool the peace loving beings? Till when will you take humanity spreading creatures in? Speak up it is a terror attack and it is not a gun shooting. We all must denounce this terror attack.

          The whole world must condemn this terror attack. The peaceful religion *_Islam_* always dislikes this sort of action. The culprits must be put to death to stop this kind of the carnage. May The Protector save us all. May He bless all with safety.


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