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Bharat is for all, not for one

Bharat is for all, not for one

By: Taha Jaunpuri


      Our beloved country is  celebrating today its 70th Republic Day. On 26 January 1950 the constitution of india was enforced and implemented in order to make Bharat a country, where people from different religions could enjoy their lives and live peacefully. Hence our country Bharat became an icon of democracy. 

      A country which safeguarded the freedom of people. A country which gave liberty to each citizens so that subjugation could be removed. A country which ensured equality for all, so that inequality could be erased. A country which extended fraternity, so that hatred could be abolished. A country which blessed with impartiality, so that partiality could be wiped out. A country which conveyed the message of unity in diversity, so that differences could be put off. A country which secured the values of humanity, so that inhumanity could be rubbed out from this surface. A country which caused peace, so that disorder could be terminated.

       Therefore it is clear, that this country is for all, not for one only. None should try to impose a rule, which is against the Constitution of Bharat. None should attempt to change the fabric of The Constitution of Bharat. None should struggle to transform this Democracy into Mobocracy. None should even think of the intervention in the Constitution of Bharat.

    Let us again pledge solemnly to save Democracy from being turned into Mobocracy. Let us promise to save the Constitution of Bharat. Let us stand together to protect this beloved country Bharat. Let us sacrifice to make Bharat , Mahan Bharat as it was earlier. Let us unite to strengthen the relationship with countrymen. Let us enjoy one of the best moments of our lives at 70th  Republic Day of Bharat.

Bharat Zinda Baad.
Salute to our ancestors.
Thanks the forefathers.

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