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DMC issues notice to UGC

New Delhi: Recently Umaiyah Khan, a student of Jamia Millia was not allowed to participate in UGC-Net exam for wearing hijab (scarf). Another Muslim woman of Goa was also not allowed to take the said said on the same ground. Taking sou motu cognisance of the Delhi incident, Delhi Minorities Commission has issued a notice to Secretary, University Grants Commission saying that “it is a clear case of discrimination against a religious minority and an attempt to keep it away from the national mainstream. This practice has no legal or constitutional basis. Kerala High Court has clearly allowed Muslim women to appear in exams and test while in Hijab (wearing scarf and full sleeves)”. DMC also has issued clear orders to respect the religious rights of Muslim and Sikh women. DMC has asked the Secretary, UGC, to reply (1) why this discrimination is allowed, (2) on what basis and (3) how you propose to undo the injustice done to the Muslim women prevented from appearing in the NETJRF exam while in hijab, (4) what steps you are taking to prevent the repetition of this injustice in future. Copies of both the Kerala High Court and DMC’s general order regarding dress have been sent alongwith the DMC notice.

Delhi Chief Electoral Officer’s reply to DMC

The Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi has replied to a notice by DMC about deletion of Delhi voters’ names that his office works directly under the Election Commission of India (ECI) and its officers are on deputation from the ECI which has “already taken cognisance of the matter” and, therefore, the matter should be taken up with ECI. Accordingly, Chairman of DMC has now written to the Chief Election Commissioner of India asking him to supply DMC with a copy of ECI’s report on the matter alongwith reasons and orders in this respect and a list of deleted voters in NCT of Delhi.

Buland Masjid Dispensary

New Delhi: The construction of the Buland Masjid dispensary in East Delhi’s Shastri Park has been at a standstill for the last 22 months. The dispensary is being constructed in Delhi’s North-East district under the MSDP programme. The construction work stopped in early 2017 because the second instalment was not released. Delhi Minorities Commission has been taking keen interest to get the construction work restarted and the DMC Chairman Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan alongwith DMC Member Kartar Singh Kochhar visited the site to understand the problems. Recently Dr Khan wrote to the Minister of Minority Affairs Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi asking him to expedite the matter. The MMA has now informed DMC that the second instalment has now been revalidated.

DMC writes to U.P. DGP over the prayer issue in Noida

New Delhi: Noida police has threatened companies in the area that if their employees continue to offer Friday prayers in a particular park in Sector 58, they (companies) will be held responsible. According to media reports, 58 police stations in the area were instructed to notify companies in the area that they will be held responsible if their employees offer Friday namaz in a certain park because some people have complained against same. According to these reports, some Muslims have also been arrested for “disrupting peace”. Taking cognizance of media reports, Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan has written to the Director General of U.P. Police, Mr Om Prakash, expressisng his anguish. Dr Khan said in his letter that for some time U.P. police force has been receiving bad coverage, especially in the case of over a thousand encounters undertaken by the force in recent years. Dr Khan further said in his letter, “Recently, we watched in disbelief that your force downplayed the murder of an officer in Siyana, giving the message that cow slaughter was more serious a crime than murder of an Inspector of Police.” Dr Khan further said in his letter to the U.P. DGP that “it is totally illegal to hold an employer responsible for the acts of his employees. This is transgressing limits by a force which should meticulously follow the law and implement same without any bias against anyone.” Dr Khan added in his letter to the U.P. DGP, “I hope you will take notice of these trends in your force and sanitise them about their role to follow the Constitution and laws of the land in letter and spirit. And if there is a problem about a certain park, the police should allow namaz on Fridays in some other park or open space as has been done in Gurgaon. After all, it is just a question of barely half an hour of congregation in which mats are brought by people and same are taken back after the namaz.” Dr Khan further said in his letter, “Freedom of religion has been guaranteed by our Constitution (Articles).

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