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Punishment is not far from the wrongdoers

by: shamsul huda qasmi

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I would begin with the story of Hazrat Lot (pbuh) mentioned in the glorious Quran. Hazrat Lot (pbuh) was a prophet sent to the people of Sodom, a town in ancient Palestine, probably south of the Dead Sea, to show them the right path. The Prophet Lot (pbuh), in his entire life, made every effort to convince the people towards the worship of Allah, practicing good deeds and living a pure life. He asked them not to defy the divine commandments and transgress the prescribed limit. He also advised them to marry woman and make them their life partner. However, they rejected the teachings of Allah and got so engrossed in unnatural sex that they became ready to disgrace the guests coming to their city. Despite all efforts the Prophet Lot (pbuh) made to persuade them to abstain from homosexuality, they challenged the prophet and demanded punishment from Allah if he was a true prophet. Hazrat Lot (pbuh) got so harassed and fed up that he invoked Allah’s wrath upon the people of Sodom. Thus, Allah granted the prayer of Hazrat Lot and ordered him to leave the city with his family in a portion of the night. When the time of punishment came, Allah made the highest part of the city its lowest and rained upon them stones of layered hard clay and the entire city was completely destroyed from the surface of the earth only because of their evil practice.  

The above story, mentioned in the glorious Quran, comes to our minds as the present situation of the world seems no less different from that of the people of Sodom. It is highly regrettable that the apex court of India on Thursday, September 6, 2018, ruled that consensual adult gay sex is not a crime and scrapped the British-era Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which deemed that gay sex was a punishable offence. Scrapping the law means consensual homosexuality is legalized in India now and shall not be considered to be a punishable offence anymore as it used to be in the past.  We never know if the apex court was under the pressure of international and national media to pronounce such verdict and scrap the centuries old law.

Here, we should keep in our mind that India is the birthplace of some major religions like Hinduism and Buddhism and is known as a multi-religious country where majority of the people believe in practicing religious directives to please their Almighty and India’s religious culture is deeply rooted in its society. The able judges of the court did not even think that homosexuality is not only against our religions but also against the nature. Decriminalizing homosexuality and permitting male-male and female-female marriage will certainly destroy the family system and prevent the natural evolution and progress of the human race. In the society, it will cause severe fatal diseases like AIDS and syphilis as medical science has proved it. I will also have a negative impact on our children and human nature that will destroy the moral values. The ratio of marriage will surely decrease and ultimately rape and fornication cases will increase in the society.  In the name of personal liberty, people must not be allowed to destroy the social fabric, old rich culture and spread such kind of anarchy in the nation only because of some evil-minded people. We should take a lesson from the countries where women have become major victims of legalized homosexuality and family system has collapsed.

After describing the above story of the people of Sodom in the holy Quran, Allah Almighty has warned the people of serious repercussions saying: “Punishment (of stones) is not far from the wrongdoers.”(Surah Hud-83) Those who are adamant to commit such filthy practice and seek legal permission should not believe themselves to be free from the severe punishment of the Powerful Creator. The Prophet (saw) has said that some people of my community will also commit the same sin practiced by the people of Sodom, when it happens, one should wait for the same harsh punishment.

May Allah protect us from falling into sexual anarchy, save our children from sexual predators, safeguard the rights of our daughters and sisters and prevent the breach of the fundamental rights of the citizens as the abrogation of section 377 of IPC will have a cascading effect on the Personal Laws of many religions. (Ameen)


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