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India cannot be called Digital India until our women feel safe

Jamil Ahmed Qasmi

Student :-MMERC, MUMBAI               

Now it’s a time when the world civilized countries encourage the study of Science and technology and it’s applications in various fields of activity. The more it does so the more it fortified a nation with power against not only poverty and disease but also against the aggression of enemy. Their dream is development of technology and industrial revolution for becoming stronger and establish it as the super power state. They are talking about removing gender pay disparity of providing women equal opportunities in every field, where Indian female child is being preyed upon by the savage barbarians in the bright day light. Is this the Digital, safe and contemporary society, we the Indian have been looking for?

Unfortunately, a few research papers

Avoid you could try over there mentioning too many significant details, especially those that shouldn’t be a part of the final paper.

are not written well.

No doubt today more and more women are coming out of their homes to go to their places of work. They are exposed to a large world which doesn’t grantee their safety and security. They don’t feel safe anywhere at present situation, on the road, at the place of work, and even they feel unsafe in the holy religious temple. Why do they feel so? It’s the old out dated male mindset that creates many such problems. Now the cases of teasing, snatching, molesting, child rape and murders are quite frequent in India. Till today unfortunately killing of the female child just in the womb is continuous unabated. This is degenerated and rotten mindset of our society is shocking as well as disastrous. It has brought a social and cultural imbalance. The gang rape in the Nirbhya case and the recent gang rape and murder in Kathua has jerked the entire nation. In the daily news paper, it’s a reserved column for the incident of rape case, which we read regularly. We have seen many Candlelight March, Fasting March, and used many play cards against the rapist, in the Ashifa’s case from Film stars to Members of the parliament, parents body, Youth of this Country, Students, and many other common people come forward and rise their voices against the rapist and also all the users of social media showed different kinds of protest. This incident was speeded all over the world, so that in other countries people also protested against this. Till today Ashifa doesn’t get justice, and it’s Shame that some people were in favour of rapists with the national flag, they defamed the national flag and destructed the diversity of India.  Without Ashifa and Nirbhaya, would the country become a strong nation?

   We know human are the rational beings, the best creation of God, so it’s our responsibility to make women feel safe, but how?  Merely by snatching law? No doubt law is important, and our country granted many laws. As for example, we have Dowry Death (sec 302-304B IPC) and Dowry prohibition act 1961. Torture (cruelty by husband and relatives sec 498A IPC). Rape sec 376 IPC. Kidnapping and abduction sec 365-375. Sexual Harassment sec 504 IPC and many others. 

After all these laws we don’t find any proper change in our society, because women often can’t walk to the court, for till today a large number of them are not free off  the oppression of their men. So, we need to help them to get them justice. If the women section doesn’t get justice, the dream of Digital India would never be successful. Before the dream of Digital India, we want to ensure safety and security of our mothers and sisters; we want to stop social discrimination against our mother’s nation. Let them enjoy the equal opportunity in everywhere, not just by writing on a single paper only but by giving in practical field.

Strict legal and administrative actions are needed to correct this mindset.  By no means other than only and only death penalty can we stop the rapist. 

Dear my beloved brothers, you would remember that, every woman is a sister or mother of someone. Her Person and character need to be protected and respected. She is an equal partner of a man in all walks of life and hence must be treated accordingly.


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