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Language Does Matter

Shamsul Huda Qasmi
Few decades ago, it was deemed no good in Indian subcontinent to generally work in English language for various valid reasons: Most importantly because the people opposed the British illegitimate oppressive regime and its policy, as the latter had occupied their homeland and ruled over a vast empire. After a long struggle of freedom against the British regime, the brutal colonial rule came to an end and India again enjoyed the glory of independence in 1947. Moreover our scholars didn’t like the European culture and always rightly opposed it on solid Islamic basis. Since the British spoke English and considered themselves to be superior to others, our scholars never approved their fanciful thoughts and did not encourage to accept English language on the aforesaid grounds.
But post-independence, India witnessed a lot of dynamic changes and progress in political, educational, economical and scientific scenarios where we cannot remain aloof from the recent developments in modern India. Besides, the western countries made a remarkable progress in various fields especially in the fields of science and technology and now it is indisputable fact that different cultures and economic systems around the world are becoming connected and similar to each other because of the influence of globalization and of improved communication. English language, being the language of the developed nations, is now playing a vital role in expanding the advancements in science and technology and undoubtedly has taken the position of an international language and local languages are getting influenced with it. People in India have opened a discussion to make English a national language as they aspire to pursue a scientific career and get rewarded with well-paid jobs across the world. However, it has undoubtedly become subsidiary official language in India.
Sensing the need of hour, Baseerat Media Group took decision to launch the English Edition of Baseerat Online, a very famous Urdu News portal. At this happy occasion, the entire team of the group feels honoured and excited to air the English Edition. It could be an effective source of broadcasting the true face of journalism and will help removing the misconceptions about the muslim community.
The English edition is a part of an effort to bridge the gulf between the communities with true information and well researched reports. May Almighty enable us to serve the humanity!

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