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India must not bow to US pressure: Popular Front

June 30, 2018

New Delhi:  The Popular Front of India, an organization working for the social and educational uplift of minorities and weaker sections, urged the Government of India not to bow to the pressure and threats from the United States to halt oil imports from Iran. It also asked the government to reign in a section of media which has been indulging the vilification campaign against the organization taking the advantage of the reported threat to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After the meeting of its Central Secretariat, Popular Front has issued a statement on Friday to media. It asked the government to rejects   US dictates on importing oil from Iran.

“Such dictates from a third foreign country with regards to our international relations with another country can only be deemed as inference in our nation’s sovereignty.  Besides, U. S move against Iran can only be viewed as part of expanding their tyrannical hegemony in the region by destroying countries that refuse to surrender to their threats. This latest U.S dictate to India amounts to undermining the dignity of our 1.35 billion citizens.  The meeting reminded the central government that if we fail to overcome these pressures from U. S., we would be opening the doors for more direct U. S. interventions in future.”

The Front also described the propaganda against it on the pretext of reported security threat to the PM as “nonsense”.

The meeting termed it nonsense, some media reports allegedly linking Popular Front with the threat to the life of our prime minister, the statement said.

“The reported threat, if it has the support of pieces of evidence, is indeed a serious national security concern and should be dealt with accordingly by police and intelligence agencies. At the same time, the possibility of it only propaganda in view of 2019 elections has also been discussed in a section of media. While the government is duty-bound to take all precautions for the security of prime minister, it must be ensured that the situation is not misused to demonize some sections of the society and intensify communal divide in the country. The meeting observed that Popular Front, which is a people’s movement that works within the democratic system and upholds rule of law is being made a scapegoat in ongoing political games.”

While reiterating its commitment to the constitution and democratic system, Front said, the organization is approaching Union Home Ministry for clarifications regarding the reports that it is allegedly kept under surveillance.

“Popular Front’s activities are in the limelight among the public for everyone to see, feel and evaluate.  The Central Secretariat hoped that this new round of filthy vilification campaign also would fail in misleading people,” the statement further said.


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